Good news!

We’re running a new promotion to extend the hours available to drive in Blue Mode, and offering higher rates to drivers who spend more time on the road.

During the promotional period (starting Tuesday 14 August), you will be eligible to drive in Blue Mode at the following times :


  • 6am – 10am
  •  4pm – 12am
  • 11am-2pm on Fridays only


  • 10am – 8pm


  • 10am – 8pm

Additionally, we will also begin offering special higher hourly rates to drivers who spend more time driving in Blue mode, through a new “Unlock” promotion.

What is the “Unlock” promotion?

  • Base Rate

    While driving in Blue Mode, you’ll always earn a guaranteed base rate (£ per hour), no matter how much time you drive.

  • "Unlock" a higher promo rate by driving more!

    With the new promotion, you may be eligible to achieve a higher rate if you drive for a longer period of time.

    We will tell you the base rate, the potential ‘unlock’ rate, and the minimum number of hours needed to achieve the higher rate for each time period each day.

Let’s look at these examples:

  • Finding out about Unlock promotions

    You will receive an SMS or push notification every day with your Base Rates, Special Unlock Rates, and Unlock requirements for the next day.

    This will look like the following:

  • Payment if you achieve the Unlocked Rate!

    If you complete the minimum number of hours required within the specified time period, you will earn the higher unlocked rate per hour for your full time driving within the promotional period.

    For example, a DP who received the message above, and then drove a Blue shift from 6:15 am until 9:45am would receive 70 GBP (gross).

    He would earn the higher 20 GBP / hr rate on his entire 3.5 hour shift.

  • Payment if you do not achieve the Unlocked rate

    If you drive less than the specified minimum number of hours in Blue mode, you will earn the base rate for the hours you drive within the promotional period.

    For example, a DP who received the message above, and then drove a Blue shift from 7 am until 9am would receive 32 GBP (gross).

    She’d earn the 16 GBP / hr base rate on her 2-hour shift.

    Time spent driving in flex mode does not count toward the required Blue minimum hours to unlock higher rates.

Have any questions?

No problem! Just email [email protected] and we’re here to help!

*Offer valid only for the date and time period in message received. Promotion reserved to active ViaVan Driver Partners in good standing with ViaVan, who the promotion notification was addressed to. In the event trips are not provided as requested by a Driver Partner, including in the event of system abuse or unauthorized behavior, such Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects forfeit his or her eligibility for this promotion.