ViaPartner Ratings

What you need to know about ViaPartner Ratings & what they mean

The Driver Rating with Via is a simple but smart rating system that measures a driver partner’s overall ability to service rides and deliver great experiences for our shared customers on the Via Platform.

The ViaPartner Rating:
– Measures Rider Ratings, Successful Pickups, and Arrival Times.
– Provides a rating on a 0 – 5 scale.

What We Measure:
Average Ride Rating from Via riders

Partners with the best Rider Ratings…

Greet riders with a hello & confirm their names
Are courteous and respectful
Have relaxed music & drive safely
Handle difficult situations professionally
The percentage of rides assigned that are completed successfully

Partners with the most Successful Pick Ups…

Keep an eye on their device for new rides
Text Via Ops to help find riders
Avoid delays to reach rider on time
The percentage of riders pickup up within 3 minutes of your expected arrival time

Partners with great Arrival Times…

Leave on time for rides
Avoid delays on the way to pick ups and drop offs
Choose alternate routes to avoid obstacles
How many ride requests you accept

Partners with the high acceptance rates…

Accept most new ride requests
Pay close attention to the Via Partner app – you have 20 seconds to accept a ride!
How many rides you cancel after accepting them

Partners with the low cancellation rates…

Avoid canceling accepted rides
Do not accept rides that they cannot complete
Ratings Impact
What does my ViaPartner Rating mean?

High Ratings
Highly Rated Drivers Earn More! Via recognizes the impact of great driver partners. Highly rated driver partners are eligible for weekly bonuses of up to $100!

Low Ratings
Drivers with low ViaPartner Ratings should focus on reaching their destinations in a timely manner, not missing pickups, and providing exceptional customer experiences for riders in the car. Drivers who earn a Via Driver Rating of 8.0 or less for more than two weeks may be disaffiliated from the system.

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