Via Flex Mode: How Do I Get Paid?

Via Flex Mode: How Do I Get Paid?
Learn how to make the most of your trips in Flex mode!

After every Flex trip, we’ll sent you a receipt detailing exactly how much you’ve earned. Your Flex trip payments will be deposited every Tuesday.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!

Is Via’s service fee changing?

Via’s low service fee is here to stay! Via will only collect a 10% service fee from your trip earnings. in addition, 10% state taxes and fees will be deducted.

Will I earn more when there is higher demand (surge pricing)?

Yes! Via has Rocket Rates, and we’ll pay you more when the system gets busy.

Will Via reimburse tolls?

Yes, or course! All tolls will be reimbursed at the EZ Pass rate.

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