Parking Tickets & Traffic Violations

Via automatically reimburses you for toll payments. Reimbursements will be at the NYC EZPass rate, so make sure you get your (free!) pass.

In ViaFlex mode, all tolls that are passed with a rider on board will be reimbursed. In ViaBlue mode all tolls that are passed whilst ‘on shift’ are reimbursed.

You can find the total amount of your reimbursements in the Summary Section of your weekly payment report.

Please remember that Via is not responsible for any parking tickets, speeding tickets, or other traffic violations Driver Partners incur while driving with the Via System.

Tips for avoiding tickets:
Traffic Violations & Speeding Tickets:

Stay within speed limit and avoid restricted turns. Your route should never take you through a restricted turn, but if it does please re-route and then let us know about the new turn restriction so we can correct it in our system.

Parking Tickets:

At Terminals in Via Blue: if you can’t wait at the Terminal, please circle around the block. If this proves to be a challenge, call us and we will figure out how to move your Terminal.

At Pickups: If you are unable to wait at Pickup spot or Terminal please move down the street or circle around the block and let the Via Operations Team know so we can inform your rider.

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