New Vanity Plates

I received new vanity plates, what are my next steps?
We cannot update your new custom plate in our system until you update this new plate with the NYC TLC. You can do this by completing a plate transfer appointment with the TLC. Please contact your base to schedule this appointment.

Remember to bring your new registration, TLC insurance and TLC permit information with you.

Once you complete the plate transfer and pass the visual inspection at the TLC, we will be able to update your Via account to reflect the new plates. We will need to have the new registration and updated TLC inspection report added to your account.

You can upload your new registration and updated TLC inspection report by visiting this site;

Upload New Registration and TLC Inspection Report
Via Office and Support
Via is located at 226 Fifth Ave, Floor 3 (between 26th & 27th Streets).

Office Hours are from 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. Please come during those designated times.

Please email [email protected] for all other questions.

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