ViaVan Driver App – Pro Tips

Accepting / Rejecting Rides:

  • When you are online in the ViaVan Driver App, you will receive a notification of a ride offer.
  • Tap “Confirm Availability” if you are ready to pick-up the customer.
  • Don’t accept the ride when you are still finishing up a ride with another platform. It means we’ll be late for the ViaVan rider!
  • If you cannot take the ride, please tap ‘Reject’. Avoid cancelling rides after you’ve accepted them – this creates a very poor experience for the customer!


  • ViaVan is a corner-to-corner service, the app will direct you to a street intersection to pick-up your passenger.
  • When you arrive at the pick-up location, tap “I’m Here”. If you don’t see your task list, tap the arrow on the blue bar to open it!
  • You can call your rider if you have trouble finding them.


  • In the app, dropoff tasks are marked with orange pins.
  • When you’ve arrived at a dropoff location, tap “I’m here” and then “Drop Off”


  • Follow the suggested route as much as possible.
  • If you encounter an obstacle, please re-route.
  • For large detours, notify ViaVan Live Support, we’re always looking for routing feedback!
  • Please use the ViaVan navigation and don’t leave the app during a live ride. You may get another pickup along the way

Service Zone:

  • You can pick up and drop off riders in all of Zone 1 and 2. We’ll be expanding our zone over time! See the map below: