Shared Rides: How much will I be paid?

When a ViaVan ride is shared – all individual rides are combined into a single trip. At the end of the shared trip, when the last passenger exits the vehicles, you will receive ONE receipt that combines your earnings for the whole journey.

After every Flex trip, we’ll send you a receipt detailing exactly how much you’ve earned. Your Flex trip payments will be deposited every Wednesday.


What is ViaVan’s Service Fee?

ViaVan’s will only collect a 15% service fee from your trip earnings, the lowest in the industry!

With ViaVan, each ride is worth MORE — you’ll take home some of the best fares in London!

Will I earn more when there is higher demand (surge pricing)?

Yes! Via has Rocket Rates, and we’ll pay you more when the system gets busy.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!