ViaVan’s September Referral Competition Terms and Conditions

Offering offered for a limited time only and subject to change without notice. Participation in this special promotional referral bonus offering is limited to only those drivers who: (1) have received this announcement email and (2) have a valid and active driver partner account in good standing onViaVan’s ridesharing platform. To qualify for the purpose of this offering, all referrals from a participant must (x) have registered through the participant’s unique referral link, (y) become an active driver partner in the ViaVan System, and (z) thereafter complete at least 1 ride on the ViaVan platform before the end of the relevant week (Monday-Sunday). Participants may share their referral link with persons in their network on social media services on which they have an account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) but are prohibited from posting their referral link to the general public on such services, or on other public websites such as coupon code aggregators. The validity or qualification of all referrals or qualified referrals are determined by ViaVan in its sole discretion.

The 3 drivers with the highest number of qualified referral each week will receive the following monetary prizes: 1st place – £100; 2nd place – £60; 3rd place – £30.