ViaVan’s Flex Promo – Earnings Guarantee!

Go online in Flex mode, drive for the period of time specified in your promo message, and earn £££ guaranteed!


  • Drive in Flex mode for all of the hours specified in your promo message.
  • You must confirm availability for at least 80% of ride proposals you receive during the hours specified in your promo message. If a rider Cancels or No Shows, it will not affect your promotion.
  • Be an active ViaVan Driver Partner in good standing. Any unauthorised or fraudulent behaviour will automatically result in disqualification from the promo.
  • Have your ride preferences switched on to drive in the Congestion Zone during the hours specified in the promo.

What is an Earnings Guarantee?

An Earnings Guarantee is a minimum amount you are guaranteed to earn within a given time period as long as you meet certain conditions. 

If you meet the conditions and earn less than the guaranteed amount, we’ll top up your earnings!

How do the hour requirements work?

You must be online driving in Flex mode during the hours specified in your promo message. For example, if the promo message states the requirement to drive for 2 hours during 07:00-09:00, this means you must be online in Flex mode continuously without a break between 07:00 and 09:00.

How will I receive my payment?

You will receive the Earnings Guarantee (at a minimum) as long as you meet the requirements of the promotion.

ViaVan will review your earnings from each ride during the promo period. If the total earnings during the promo period are less than the Earnings Guarantee amount, we will pay you a top-up amount. You will see the top-up amount in the “other” section of your pay report in the week following the promotion.

If you earn the equivalent of the Guarantee amount or more during the promo period, you will not receive an additional payment and will be compensated for all rides as usual.

What is unauthorised and fraudulent behaviour?

The offer is reserved to active Driver Partners who are in good standing with ViaVan at all times from the receipt of this message up to and including the time of payment. Should ViaVan identify that rides are not completed as requested, including any attempts of system abuse, fraudulent or unauthorised behaviour (including the choice of artificially long routes), the Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects be disqualified from this promotion. Confirming your availability for a ride and not proceeding to the pick-up point, or not picking up the passenger(s) (other than in the case of a no-show or cancellation by the passenger(s)), or picking up the passenger(s) but not dropping them off at the requested destination, will disqualify you from this offer.

*ViaVan reserves the right to withhold payment in situations where a Driver Partner violates Via Van’s policies.