We are getting ready to launch ViaVan in London and want you on our team!

Complete your registration this week to earn a £50 signing bonus. Plus refer other drivers to earn even more. Bring your friends along to registration or tell them to apply online and to give us your name!

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Complete your registration and bring friends to earn more. This week  ViaVan  referral bonuses are even higher! The more friends you refer, the more £££ you earn:

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Upload your documents before you visit. Otherwise, we can help you with your documents at our office.

When: Monday, March 26 through Friday, March 30, from 12pm to 4pm

Where: 4 Christopher St,  London, EC2A 2BS

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*Participation in this promotional referral bonus program is limited to only those drivers who have received this announcement email. To qualify for the purpose of this program, all referrals from a participant must come to the ViaVan office for mandatory training and upload all of their documents between 26 March 2018 at 11am and 31 March 2018 at 5pm. Participants may share their referral link with persons in their network on social media services on which they have an account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) but are prohibited from posting their referral link to the general public on such services, or on other public websites such as coupon code aggregators. A referral or Qualified Referral can only be counted once. The validity or qualification of all referrals or Qualified Referrals are determined by ViaVan in its sole discretion. Before submitting a referral to ViaVan, you must obtain the consent of the person you are referring. By making such a submission, you represent and warrant that such consent has been received. Each participant is eligible to be rewarded £25 for one referral, £50 for two referrals, £100 for three referrals, £125 for four referrals, £200 for five referrals, £250 for six referrals, £300 for seven referrals, £350 for eight referrals, £400 for nine referrals and £500 for ten referrals. Referral bonuses may not be cumulated, and are capped at £500 in total. All referral bonuses awarded are conditional on the completion of each referral’s first ride. All bonuses will be paid within seven days of the referral’s first ride on the ViaVan Platform. To qualify, referrals need to complete their first ride within 30 days of ViaVan’s launch in London.