Terms and Conditions

ViaVan’s New Driver Promotion

Complete just 60 pickups a week for your first 4 weeks and take home an extra £150 each week – that’s up to a £600 bonus.

Drive less? You can also earn an extra £60 each week when you complete just 40 pickups.

This offer is reserved for newly activated ViaVan Driver Partners who i) have received this announcement email or message directly from ViaVan, ii) continue to meet all of ViaVan’s eligibility requirements to begin driving on the ViaVan Platform and iii) have not driven with ViaVan previously. Promotion bonuses will be delivered on a weekly basis, on the applicable scheduled ViaVan earnings pay dates. All amounts are subject to the Driver Partner’s standard service fee.  ViaVan reserves the right to withhold payment in situations where a Driver Partner violates the terms of this promotion or otherwise violates ViaVan’s policies, or has been disaffiliated from the ViaVan Platform before the scheduled time of payment. Engaging in system abuse or other unauthorized behavior on the platform shall result in immediate and absolute forfeiture of eligibility. This offer is valid for a limited time only and may be revoked by ViaVan at any time. Terms subject to change in ViaVan’s sole discretion.

Confirming your availability for a ride and not proceeding to the pick-up point, or not picking up the passenger(s), or picking up the passenger(s) but not dropping them off at the requested destination, will disqualify you from this offer. Only completed rides count towards this offer. Rider no-shows or cancellations do not count towards this offer.