Make the Most Driving with ViaVan

Thanks for driving with ViaVan! Wondering how you can get the most out of driving with us?

Here, you’ll find some easy tips and FAQs to help you get started:

Earn more with ViaVan.

How can I earn with ViaVan?

With ViaVan, you can earn hourly when you drive in Blue mode, or get paid per trip when you’re in Flex mode. Every Tuesday, you will receive an hour and pay summary for the previous Monday to Sunday period of Blue mode rides. For rides in FLEX mode, you will receive a trip receipt after each ride, and your earnings will be calculated based on the time and distance of your ride. For shared rides or rides where you automatically get another rider allocated to you, you will only receive one receipt – and if your ride was shared, we’ll calculate your 5% sharing bonus.

How do I access my earnings with ViaVan?

At ViaVan, we care about giving you the utmost transparency into your earnings. You can track your earnings in both Blue and Flex mode, monitor online time, and review weekly earnings progress – by accessing our Earnings Indicator and Earnings Portal.

The Earnings Indicator:
Whenever your car is empty or when a trip has ended, your net earnings will display on your app screen and update by-the-minute.

The Earnings Portal:
Go to your app menu and tap on Earnings to see all your earnings details. You can track your daily and weekly net earnings directly in the app, including Flex fares, Blue hourly rates and guarantees, cancellation fees, tips, and toll reimbursements.

Fare adjustments and promotional payments, such as Flex guarantees and bonuses, New Driver Promotions, and referrals are not yet available and will be emailed in your Weekly Pay Report.

What are Rocket Rates and Rocket Zones?

Rocket Rates are fare multipliers that apply to pickups in specific zones known as Rocket Zones. Rocket Zones show where fares are higher. Rocket rates apply based on pickup location, not where you confirmed the ride. If you make pickups in a Rocket Zone, your fare will be multiplied by the specified Rocket Rate. Learn how Rockets Rates apply when you are completing shared rides:

Choose the best time to drive.

Is there a time of day or area where I’m likely to get the most pickups?

Every day is different and demand may change unexpectedly. We recommend Driver Partners try ViaVan for several weeks to work out which areas and times work best for you, given your earnings goals and preferences for your work schedule.

Below are also some tips to consider when planning your work with ViaVan:


  • Peak times:
    • Morning (6a-10a) – Morning commute time with riders often travelling from Zones 2, 3, 4 towards Central London (Zone 1)
    • Evening (5p-9p) – This is evening commute time, riders often travel from Central London (Zone 1) to outer zones (Zones 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Times with average demand:
    • Midday (10a-5p) – Demand is spread across the city
    • Overnight (12a-6a) – Late night commute from l from Central London (Zone 1) to outer zones (Zones 2, 3, 4, 5)


  • First half of the day (10a-3p) – Riders tend to travel from Zones 2, 3, 4 towards Central London (Zone 1)
  • Second half of the day (3p till late night) – Riders tend to travel from Central London (Zone 1) to outer zones (Zones 2, 3, 4, 5)

How to make extra earnings.

Does ViaVan offer special promotions?

We regularly offer additional earnings opportunities through exciting promos that let you earn above regular rates. Promos typically run for a fixed period of time when you drive on the ViaVan platform. You’ll receive notifications for any promos you may be eligible for by SMS and driver app inbox.

Does ViaVan provide bonuses for good customer service?

We do! We strive to provide great customer service to our riders and rely on all our Driver Partners to help us achieve that goal. To that end, we want to say thank you to our top rated drivers each week, and do so with bonuses. Each week, we choose a Driver of the Week to receive a £100 bonus, and up to 5 Customer Service Bonus winners receive a £50 bonus.

How do I refer a friend to ViaVan? Do you have referral bonuses?

You can refer a friend directly through the ViaVan Driver App. When you refer a friend, you’re eligible for a referral bonus of up to £100 when they complete their registration and complete 30 rides within 30 days.