Want to drive with a lower Service Fee?

Drive during the promotion period and take your Service Fee down!

How do I qualify?

Complete a minimum number of Flex Pick-Ups during the promotional period, and unlock a reduced service fee for the entire promo period!

The reduced service fee will apply to all of the Flex rides you complete during the promotion period.

You will receive an SMS, Inbox message, or email announcing the specific terms of the promo offer. This offer is reserved to Driver Partners who personally receive such an SMS, Inbox message, or email, and is not transferrable.

How does it work?

If you complete the requirements of the promotion, you will receive a payment adjustment in your weekly pay report. This adjustment will ensure that you are charged a lower service fee on all of the rides you complete within the promotion period.

Please note: You will still receive individual trip receipts indicating a 15% service fee, but the service fee will be partially refunded to you.

Key things to remember

Pickup Requirements: You must complete the minimum number of pickups (i.e. passenger bookings) during the promotion period to qualify. A pickup is considered “completed” if you confirm your availability for the ride and successfully pick up the passenger. No-shows and cancellations do not count towards completed pickups.

Count of pickups includes both private and shared ride pickups:

  • If a rider books for 2 or more passengers, this will count as a single pickup.
  • If two riders book separately, this will count as two pickups.

Availability Confirmation Requirements: You must confirm your availability for at least 80% (or as otherwise stated) of the rides you are offered during the entire promotion period to qualify. Pickups of additional bookings that are assigned to you automatically during shared rides do not count towards your availability confirmation rate.

Unauthorised behaviour: Offer is valid only for the date and time period specified in the message received and is reserved to active Driver Partners who are in good standing with ViaVan at all times from the receipt of this message up to and including the time of payment. Should ViaVan identify that rides are not completed as requested, including any attempts of system abuse, fraudulent or unauthorised behaviour (including the choice of artificially long routes), the Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects be disqualified from this promotion. Confirming your availability for a ride and not proceeding to the pick-up point, or not picking up the passenger(s) (other than in the case of a no-show or cancellation by the passenger(s)), or picking up the passenger(s) but not dropping them off at the requested destination, will disqualify you from this offer. The offer may be withdrawn at any time at ViaVan’s sole discretion.

*ViaVan reserves the right to withhold payment in situations where a Driver Partner violates ViaVan’s policies.