Driver Parter and rider safety is our top priority. Check out a few tips that will help you stay safe on the road while driving with ViaVan. Remember, safe rides mean happy riders and higher ratings!

How to stay safe on the road:

Provide safe pickups and dropoffs

Always make sure to complete pickups and dropoffs curbside or at a safe and permissible location, without blocking pedestrian crossing or bike and bus lanes. By following this tip, you can help avoid accidents and traffic jams.

Make sure to keep an eye out for passing cars or vehicles before letting your riders onboard/offboard.

If you can’t stop at the location suggested in-app, stop at the next safe corner and call your rider to coordinate a pickup spot. For more information on TfL parking rules, you can reference their website here.

When riders are getting in and out of your car, watch out for passing cars and bicycles and make sure doors are fully closed before driving away.

💡Tip: Confirm the rider’s name with a warm welcome for a chance to boost your ratings!

Keep shared rides safe

If you believe you or your passenger is in danger, follow these steps: remain calm, ensure your vehicle is parked safely, and call emergency services at 999 immediately.

If you experience any non-emergency issues or concerns amongst multiple passengers in your vehicle, you can always contact Live Support – we’re here to help!

If your rider is disturbing a fellow rider, remind them of the Four Rules of ViaVan in a friendly manner: (1) be ready and waiting for pickups and dropoffs, (2) limit phone calls to emergencies or quick logistics, (3) do not eat or drink in the vehicle to help keep cars clean, and (4) be considerate of fellow riders and drivers. If you are uncomfortable sharing this yourself, but experience a disturbance on a ride, you can always contact Live Support and we can remind your passenger the Rules of ViaVan for their next trip.

💡Tip: Say a quick “hello” when a rider enters your car, it can help your riders feel safe and comfortable in your car!

Drive without distractions

Using your phone on a mount makes it easier to follow routing instructions and allows you to have both hands on the wheel.

Remember, you should never text, make personal calls, or browse through your phone while driving.

💡Tip: Riders like relaxing music, which can set a nice mood in your car that you can enjoy, too. Classic and Jazz are great choices!

Stay alert

ViaVan allows London drivers to drive no more than 10 hours within a 24 hour period. Your app will alert you when you hit that number. You’ll be able to get back on the road after a 6 hour break.

💡Tip: Remember that whenever you’re feeling tired, you can always take breaks throughout the day to re-energise and stay alert, to ensure your and your riders’ safety.

Be cautious and obey traffic laws

Drive at a steady speed within London’s speed limits and remember to avoid sudden brakes or acceleration. Doing so can be dangerous even when driving slowly.

Be aware of oncoming traffic, bicycles, and pedestrians when merging lanes.

💡Tip: To make your rides smooth and make riders comfortable, avoid hooting when possible.

Other safety tips

In the case of an emergency, such as an accident, call 999.
For other safety concerns, contact ViaVan through our Live Chat Support or by email ([email protected])