Peace of mind with guaranteed hourly earnings!

Learn how much you’ll earn every day or through the week!

With Blue Mode, you’ll know beforehand exactly how much you can make driving with ViaVan! Don’t stress about chasing rides or fares, whenever there’s a Blue Promo, you’ll get paid by the hour!

I’m interested! How do I participate?

If you are one of the lucky Driver Partners that received an SMS inviting you to join this promo Reply “YES” to that SMS and Team ViaVan will call you to confirm your participation.

How does Blue Mode work?

When you are in Blue Mode , you are on the clock and will earn guaranteed hourly rates for spending time online on the Via Platform. That’s right, you’ll be earning regardless of how many rides you complete and even when you don’t have passengers on board!

ViaVan will notify you when a Blue promotion is available, and how much you’ll earn per hour. When you go online during the promotion time, your app will indicate that you are in “Blue Mode”  and will automatically track your hours – no extra work for you!

Give it a try!

Everyone likes the peace of mind that comes with knowing how much £££ you can count on. Don’t end up liking it? You can always opt-out — just send us an SMS.

*Offer valid only for the date and time period in message received. Promotion reserved to active ViaVan Driver Partners in good standing with ViaVan, who the promotion notification was addressed to. In the event trips are not provided as requested by a Driver Partner, including in the event of system abuse or unauthorized behavior, such Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects forfeit his or her eligibility for this promotion.