What are the different ways I can drive and earn with ViaVan?

ViaVan gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to drive and earn!


  • Earn by the hour.
  • Check your SMS/Inbox the night before to receive updates on when Blue will be available the following day.
  • Check your app to see all available Blue offers. You’ll see any available Blue mode and Flex mode offers before you head online with ViaVan.
  • Tap “GO” and decide whether to confirm availability or reject a Blue mode offer when you receive it. End the shift at any time to accept Flex mode offers instead. Make sure to claim your spot at the start of Blue mode hours – spaces are limited and fill up quickly!
  • If Blue mode is full, you can check back later when more spots may have become available.
  • Note: if your Congestion Charge zone toggle is switched “off” and you are not available to receive rides through the Congestion Charge zone, Blue mode will not be available.


  • Confirm availability for individual trips.
  • Get paid per trip.
  • Drive with multiple platforms.

Starting your shift in Blue mode

When you confirm availability for a Blue offer, the app will give you driving instructions to a Terminal.

  • Hourly payment starts when you arrive at your first terminal and press “I’m Here” or from the time you are assigned your first successfully completed ride of a shift.
  • If a rider cancels and you haven’t yet completed a ride or reached your terminal, we’ll pay you £16/hr gross* for your time spent to pickup!
  • Terminals are waiting areas across the city where you can safely wait for rides. ViaVan has carefully selected these locations to make sure drivers are evenly distributed throughout the city.
  • If your terminal is far away, don’t worry – you’ll likely receive a ride while you’re on your way!
  • It’s very important that you head back to your terminal when indicated in the app.

*ViaVan service fee applies

Taking a break or ending shift

Tap ‘End Shift’ or ‘Take Break’ to stop receiving ride assignments.

  • You continue to earn until you take a break (these are unpaid), you end your shift, or the ViaVan Blue mode hours are over.
  • While in Blue mode, you should pickup and dropoff ViaVan riders only. If you’d like to drive for another platform — no problem — first end your Blue shift with ViaVan or drive in Flex mode.
  • Breaks do not count towards your 10 hour online time limit.
  • Breaks have a limit of one hour. When your break time reaches one hour, your Blue shift will end automatically and yourspace in Blue mode will be released to other drivers.
  • Always follow the app routing – you’ll continue to earn hourly as long as you’re logged into Blue mode and following its navigation!

How will I get paid for my Blue mode shift?

  • The app will automatically keep track of your hours and earnings in Blue mode.
  • You can access the details in the “Earnings” section in your app menu.
    Your Blue earnings will be confirmed in your Weekly Pay Report.
  • Remember: your paid time starts when you’ve reached your first Terminal or from the time you’ve been assigned been assigned your first ride.
  • Payment may be deducted for Unauthorised Behaviour, including instances of not going to your pickup location or Terminal in Blue Mode.

What is a Blue Guarantee?

  • A Blue Guarantee is a set amount of gross fares you are guaranteed to make when you work a defined period of time in Blue mode.
  • You must drive with ViaVan for at least the number of hours indicated in the text message you received. All hours driven (excluding break-time) in ViaVan Blue mode count towards the Blue Guarantee. It’s that simple!
  • You’ll always receive at least the Blue Guarantee as a total gross fare.
  • If you earn less than the guarantee within the given time frame, ViaVan will top-off your earnings. If you earn more than the guarantee, you’ll keep those additional earnings!
  • Blue Guarantees are calculated in terms of gross earnings, and are subject to ViaVan’s service fees.