ViaVan Blue Mode: Guaranteed Hourly Rates

Earn BIG tomorrow (July 19, 2018) with:

  • £22 guaranteed per hour from 7am-8:30am
  • £17 guaranteed per hour from 4pm-8pm
  • £18 guaranteed per hour from 8pm-2am

Below is an overview of everything you need to know about driving in ViaVan Blue Mode. Remember, you can always call/text ViaVan Live Support for help when you’re on the road!

What is ViaVan Blue Mode, how is it different from regular ViaVan?

When can I drive in Blue Mode and how much do I earn?

Blue Mode Promotions will be available during selected hours.

ViaVan will notify you of these by text one day in advance. This SMS will include the exact hours and the rates for the promotion.

How does it work in the app?

  • The ViaVan Driver App will recognize when a Blue Promotion is available and will automatically switch you to Blue Mode. You’ll see a pop-up in the app confirming this.
  • There will be limited spots available for each promo, which will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If there are no spots available in Blue, the app will let you know and you can still earn per ride and enjoy Rocket Rates and other promotions.
    Pro tip: log in early to make sure you get a spot and earn the promo!
  • Once you are online in Blue Mode, you will be assigned a “Terminal”, a location where you can wait for rides. The app will give you driving instructions to this Terminal.
  • Your hourly payment will start when you arrive at the Terminal location and tap “I’m here” in the app, or when you are assigned your first ride – whichever comes first.
  • If you have a rider onboard when the promotion begins, you will automatically transition to ViaVan Blue Mode. “Blue Mode” will always appear at the bottom of the screen in your Driver app when you are in ViaVan Blue Mode.
  • You continue to earn until you take a break (these are unpaid), you end your shift, or the ViaVan Blue Mode hours are over. Your break time does not count towards unlocking any bonus rates (if applicable).
  • Always follow the app – you earn with and without passengers on board!

More on Terminals..

  • Terminals are waiting areas across the city where you can safely wait for rides. ViaVan has carefully selected these locations to make sure drivers are evenly distributed throughout the city.
  • Your ViaVan Blue Mode payment starts as soon as you get to the Terminal and press “I’m here”.
  • It might take a few days for ViaVan demand to pick up, so don’t be worried if you have to wait at a Terminal for quite some time – you’ll get paid for all of it!
  • If the Terminal location is not ideal for parking, please try to park close to the terminal (within a few blocks) and reach out to ViaVan Live Support.
  • When you are at the Terminal and a ride is assigned to you, the app will tell you to “GO” and will direct you to the pick-up location.
  • If you get a ride request while on your way to the Terminal, your payment will start once that request is assigned, so please follow the directions to the pickup location.

How will payment work?

  • The app will automatically keep track of your hours in Blue Mode. You’ll receive an email showing your Blue Hours driven the day after the promotion.
  • Your Blue earnings will be included in your weekly payment, which will be deposited on Wednesday.
  • Remember: your paid time starts when you’ve reached your first Terminal or when you’ve been assigned your first ride.

*Offer valid only for the date and time period in message received. Promotion reserved to active ViaVan Driver Partners in good standing with ViaVan, who the promotion notification was addressed to. In the event trips are not provided as requested by a Driver Partner, including in the event of system abuse or unauthorized behavior, such Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects forfeit his or her eligibility for this promotion.