Are you ready for a steady income with Guaranteed Hourly Rates?

Great, because you are now eligible for our limited-time Blue Mode Promotions. Congratulations!

Some things work differently in Blue Mode. So make sure to read through all the tips detailed below.. Remember, you can always call or text ViaVan Live Support for help when you’re on the road!

What is Blue Mode, how is it different from Flex Mode?

With Blue Mode, you’ll earn Guaranteed Hourly Rates during promotion hours and get paid for every minute, even if don’t have a rider in your car!

Blue Mode has a few important differences from Flex Mode,  where you are paid per ride:

  1. You won’t be able to accept rides from other platforms when you are logged into Blue Mode. It is very important to complete each pick-up and follow the instructions in the ViaVan Driver app, even when there is no passenger in your car.
  2. In Blue, there’s no need to accept rides. They will automatically be added to your vehicle. When you receive a ViaVan ride request, please go directly to the pick-up location and don’t pick up passengers from other services when you take part in the ViaVan Blue Mode promotion.
  3. Make sure to complete at least 80% of your rides to qualify for Blue Mode promotions. Otherwise, you will be paid at Flex base rates (no Rockets) for any trips completed during the period of the Blue promotion.

There will be limited spots available for each promo, which will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If there are no spots available in Blue, the app will notify you and you will still be able to earn per ride and enjoy Rocket Rates and other promotions.

Pro tip: log in early to make sure you get a spot and earn the promo!

When can I drive in Blue Mode and how much do I earn?

Blue Mode Promotions will be available during selected hours.

ViaVan will notify you of these by text one day in advance. This SMS will include the exact hours and the rates for the promotion.

How will payment work?

  • The app will automatically keep track of your hours in Blue Mode. You’ll receive an email showing your Blue Hours driven the day after the promotion.
  • Your Blue earnings will be included in your weekly payment, which will be deposited on Wednesday.
  • Your paid time starts when you’ve reached your first Terminal or when you’ve been assigned your first ride.

Driving in Blue Mode

You’ll want to make the best of your time in Blue earning guaranteed hourly rates and a stable income. So, make sure you understand how the ViaVan app will work when you are logged into Blue:

The ViaVan Driver App will recognize when a Blue Promotion is available and will automatically switch you to Blue Mode. You’ll see a pop-up in the app confirming this.

Once you are online in Blue Mode, follow the instructions in the app to find your “Terminal”, a location where you can wait for rides. If you can’t find parking near your Terminal, try to park a few blocks away and text ViaVan Live Support.

Your hourly payment will start when you arrive at the Terminal location and tap “I’m here” in the app, or when you are assigned your first ride – whichever comes first.

“Blue Mode” will always appear at the bottom of the screen in your Driver app when you are in Blue Mode.

You continue to earn until you take a break (these are unpaid), you end your shift, or  Blue Mode hours are over. Your break time does not count towards unlocking any bonus rates (if applicable).

Always follow the app – you earn with and without passengers on board!