Drive for the period of time specified in your promo message and earn £££ guaranteed!

Here’s what a promo message might look like:

What is a Blue Guarantee?

A Blue Guarantee is a set amount of gross fares (or as otherwise stated) you are guaranteed to make when you work for a defined period of time in Blue mode within a specific time frame as stated in your promo message.

How do I qualify for a Blue Guarantee?

You must drive with ViaVan for at least the number of hours during a specified time frame as indicated in the text message you received. All hours driven (excluding break-time) in ViaVanBlue mode count towards the Blue Guarantee. It’s that simple!

How does payment work?

You’ll always receive at least the Blue Guarantee during the time frame specified in the promo. Blue Guarantees are calculated in terms of gross earnings and are subject to ViaVan’s service fees (or as otherwise stated).

ViaVan will calculate which amount (your regular earnings or the Blue Guarantee) is the highest, and pay you that one! You can earn more than one guarantee on a given day as long as the guarantee time frames do not overlap. If you complete two or more overlapping guarantees, you will be paid the highest one.

If you earn less than the guarantee within the given time frame, ViaVan will top up your earnings.

If you earn more than the guarantee, you’ll keep those additional earnings!

If you achieve the promotion, the payment will be documented on your pay report next week.

Key things to remember

Offer valid only for the date and time period specified in the message received. Promotion reserved to active ViaVan Driver Partners in good standing with ViaVan to whom the promotion notification was addressed. In the event trips are not provided as requested by a Driver Partner, including in the event of system abuse or unauthorised behaviour, the Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects forfeit his or her eligibility for this promotion.