This week you have an opportunity to earn more! 

When you accept at least 80% of ViaVan ride requests through Sunday, you’ll get a £25 bonus. Plus, if you are one of the Driver Partners with the highest acceptance rate, you’ll be eligible for a £200 Driver of the Week bonus!

It’s easy!:

  • Accept at least 80% of ride requests through Sunday.
  • Complete at least 2 rides.

Accepting / Rejecting Rides:

When you are available and accept ViaVan rides, you’ll earn the most per ride (our service fee is always just 15%) and you’ll help us grow demand for our service here in London!

If you can’t take the ride, it’s always better to reject it right away than to cancel it later on or letting the message timeout, so that riders can be quickly assigned to another Driver Partner.

Cancelling rides creates a very poor rider experience and a bad impression for those excited ViaVan London riders that are joining the service – please only accept rides you intend to finish!

How to accept a ride:

  1. When you are online in the ViaVan Driver App, you will receive a notification of a ride offer.
  2. Tap “Confirm Availability” if you are ready to pick-up the customer.
  3. Don’t accept the ride when you are still finishing up a ride with another platform. It means we’ll be late for the ViaVan rider!

Testing the app? No problem! we know it takes time to learn how to navigate the app, just make sure to not accept rides if you’re not available or don’t plan to take them to avoid negative rider experiences.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

*Offer valid only for the date and time period in text message received. Promotion reserved to active ViaVan London Driver Partners in good standing with ViaVan who the promotion notification was addressed to. In the event trips are not provided as requested by a Driver Partner, including in the event of system abuse or unauthorized behavior, such Driver Partner will automatically and in all respects forfeit his or her eligibility for this promotion.