PROMO EXTENDED – Complete 3 morning rides this FRIDAY (11th May) and EARN A £25 BONUS

Eligible rides must take place between

7-10am on Friday May 11th.

Details and Requirements

Pickup Details

Each pickup in ViaFlex Mode will count towards your Ride Bonus.

Completion Rate

To qualify for the Ride Bonus, you must maintain an 80% completion rate (based on all requests you receive).

Pro tip: In order to reach the 80% ride completion rate, you need to accept most ride request you receive. The completion rate is calculated as the number of rides you finished, divided by the total number of ride requests you receive. You can boost your completion rate by (safely!) keeping a close eye on the ViaVan Driver App and limiting the number of requests that you “Reject” or to which you do not respond.


You are eligible for this Ride Bonus only if you have received this offer directly from Team ViaVan London.

* Via reserves the right to withhold payment in situations where a Driver Partner violates Via’s policies.