Starting Monday, December 3rd the ViaVan service zone will go all the way to Zone 5!

What it means:

  • More riders & more earnings.
  • You might have pick-ups and drop-offs even closer to home, allowing you to start earning earlier in the day!

How it works:

  • Use Waze navigation when available for optimal routing: tap the Waze icon in your ViaVan Driver app and follow directions. In zones 3, 4, and 5, you can use Waze for all rides, including Shared!
  • Outside of zone 2, pick-ups and drop-offs might be at the rider’s doorstep rather than at a corner. Simply follow directions in the ViaVan and Waze apps!
  • Stay online in Flex mode to increase your chances of being assigned rides and taking home more earnings.

Check out the ViaVan zone below and learn where Waze and doorstep pickups/dropoffs are available:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is driving in the new service area different?

  1. Door-to-Door: Pick-ups for shared rides will be “doo-to-door” in the expanded service area (Zones 3,4,5), but will continue to be “corner-to-corner” in Zones 1 and 2.
  2. Navigation: Waze will be available as the preferred navigation tool in Zones 3,4, and 5 for both shared and Private rides. In Zones 1&2, ViaVan’s internal navigation will continue to guide your rides, but Waze will still be available for Private rides.
  3. Flex Mode: Most rides in the new zone will be serviced in Flex mode, and a large portion of them will be paid as Guaranteed Fares. There will not be any Blue Terminals in Zones 3,4,5, so drivers will need to drive to Zone 1 or 2 to reach their first terminal. Drivers in Blue mode will usually not receive rides that take them to Zones 3, 4 ,or 5.

What type of rides can I get in the new zone?

In all zones, 1 through 5, you can get assigned shared or Private rides.