You are part of a select group of Founding Drivers invited to our office on Tuesday 13 March to participate in our £2K giveaway! We are back and moving faster than ever in London, so come finish your registration to be eligible for exclusive promotions – for a limited time only.

Come into our office Monday to take part. Only the original Founding Drivers of London are eligible for this exclusive bonus!

It’s simple:


Check your email for a message from ViaVan to update your expired documents.


Upload the newest versions of your vehicle and driver documents.


Come into our office on Tuesday for a final training session!

  • Where?

    ViaVan (Floor 3)
    Cocoon Networks
    4 Christopher St, 3rd Floor
    London, EC2A 2BS

  • When?

    Tuesday 13 March
    12pm – 4pm
    Training Sessions begin at the top of each hour

Why drive with ViaVan?

  • Lock in the best promotions

    Participate in the £2K giveaway and qualify for exclusive Founding Driver bonuses for a limited time!

  • Earn with the lowest service fee in London

    You’ll earn more for every ride with ViaVan’s low 15% service fee.

  • Receive 24/7 Live Support

    Anytime you are on the road, we have your back. Call or text a real ViaVan team member when you’re driving with us.

We’re so excited to reconnect with our Founding Drivers in London and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Questions? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!